The Aural Retentive is a blog about my personal music history and artifacts.

You will find memories of albums, and concerts and music from my past.

You can contact me at theauralretentive@gmail.com



  1. I have a question abott queens gatefold of news of the world..is that the original coloring? I’m so confused, everytime I look. Up this pic on google it all looks different..did I finally find a pix of it with genuine color?? Thanks!!

    1. Well, my copy was purchsed new back in the day, so I believe this is the original coloring, but, there are other versions. I’ve seen that they released a different cover in Korea. Maybe it was a little too Godzilla-esque.

  2. Thanks..I really like the works of the sci fi artist who drew the painting Frank Kelly Frea. I have seen the Korean version honestly made it look a little rougher than original I think. The one you have seems to have a softer look to it.and most of the ones I’ve looked at do have a softer look so I’m guessing that’s original. I’m assuming you’re from the states?

    1. Oops. Meant to add more. I’ve culled the overall collection a bit, but all Ravi stayed. Love to play him while working. Keeps the rage at bay. Lol. You doing any videos? Great to hear from ya!

  3. Hey Mike , just remembered I sent this , thought I would get a notification if you responded but I didn’t get anything so I figured I would follow up.
    I think I’ll make a video every once in a while but then the feeling passes .
    Miss seeing your vids , good times .
    I just started alphabetizing a few weeks ago and what a complete nightmare .
    I gotta be honest I didn’t enjoy one aspect of it and I kinda thought I would .
    I’m about 3/4s of the way through , maybe less but I came across some Ravi stuff that I planned on sending out to you a long time ago .
    Anything else you looking for ?
    Shoot me an email with your address and I’ll send some vinnylz yer way.
    Here’s my email in case you don’t have it anymore .
    Take care

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