The Aural Retentive is a blog about my personal music history and artifacts.

You will find memories of albums, and concerts and music from my past.

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  1. I have a question abott queens gatefold of news of the world..is that the original coloring? I’m so confused, everytime I look. Up this pic on google it all looks different..did I finally find a pix of it with genuine color?? Thanks!!

    1. Well, my copy was purchsed new back in the day, so I believe this is the original coloring, but, there are other versions. I’ve seen that they released a different cover in Korea. Maybe it was a little too Godzilla-esque.

  2. Thanks..I really like the works of the sci fi artist who drew the painting Frank Kelly Frea. I have seen the Korean version honestly made it look a little rougher than original I think. The one you have seems to have a softer look to it.and most of the ones I’ve looked at do have a softer look so I’m guessing that’s original. I’m assuming you’re from the states?

    1. Oops. Meant to add more. I’ve culled the overall collection a bit, but all Ravi stayed. Love to play him while working. Keeps the rage at bay. Lol. You doing any videos? Great to hear from ya!

  3. Hey Mike , just remembered I sent this , thought I would get a notification if you responded but I didn’t get anything so I figured I would follow up.
    I think I’ll make a video every once in a while but then the feeling passes .
    Miss seeing your vids , good times .
    I just started alphabetizing a few weeks ago and what a complete nightmare .
    I gotta be honest I didn’t enjoy one aspect of it and I kinda thought I would .
    I’m about 3/4s of the way through , maybe less but I came across some Ravi stuff that I planned on sending out to you a long time ago .
    Anything else you looking for ?
    Shoot me an email with your address and I’ll send some vinnylz yer way.
    Here’s my email in case you don’t have it anymore .
    Take care

  4. I’m not sure how you moved one reference to another, but, Steve Dahl was a morning host on WWWW or W4 at 106.4 on the tuner. Never at WABX. In 1977 or 78 Dahl left Detroit for Chicago & did the Disco Demolition at Comisky Park, home of the White Sox, it was Dahl’s 15 minutes in the spotlight. Jim , (since then turned right wing lunatic fringe talk show blabber), Johnson took over Dahl’s time slot at W4 for a while but moved to another time slot in favor of Howard Stern. Howard was just getting going & finding his individual chops in the Motor City when management changed the W4 format to country in a effort to compete with WYCD which took over WABX’s slot on the “radio dial” in Detroit & gave Howard the choice of going urban cowboy or taking a flyer. By that time it was clear that the only really good radio in Detroit was on
    WDET where it has remained for over 35 years now. Nostalgia is nostalgia. WABX, WKNR-FM, WXYZ-FM/WRIF & to a lesser extent, W4, had their brief moments in the progressive radio dreamscape… but commercial forces took hold of the lucrative landscape of the FM dial and plundered it into sameness draining the creativity that once was… and that’s the name of that tune,baby”.
    Marshall Taubet

    1. Hey Marshall, thank for the info. Not sure how I mixed that up, but we’ll blame old age brain. That was along time ago. You are 100% right about radio, I rarely listen to radio anymore. Too much of the same all the time and when there is SO much music in the world, why just sample only the stuff that is selling advertising? Even college radio that is more in tune with my likes (and you can choose your time slot and genre) gets stale at times. I did love WABX back in the day, but I hadn’t started buying much of my own stuff and was at the whim of whomever I could tune in to. Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment. Michael

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