Synchronicity (Not That One)

You know when you are thinking of a song, maybe one you haven’t heard for a while, or one that has significance in your life, and within a day or so you hear that song? It happens to me a lot. I am sure it happens to everyone, but once you notice it in your life… it is hard to dismiss. Some will dismiss it as attentive coincidence, but I like to think that it’s a phenomenon that we music lovers are blessed with. I like it when I notice it.

This past week, on the 7th I tuned in to the college radio and I heard George Harrison on the stream. Interestingly I was instant messaging with a co-worker whose last name was Harrison. Weird, right? The odds of hearing George Harrison on the radio these days, I love ya George, but it’s slim. They played “Blow Away”. Then later that day I heard the Ringo Star song “It Don’t Come Easy”. Whoa. The odds of hearing Ringo on the radio are even less than George. When I got home and turned on the radio while cooking dinner, Paul McCartney and Wings “Rock Show” was playing. I laughed out loud and smiled at the thought of the synchronicity of it all. Then I realized that the 9th was the date of Lennon’s assassination. That brought the whole band to me… George, Ringo, Paul and John.

I liken this to the same power that can make a song be stuck in your head for days and days, unconsciously singing it in your head, despite your best efforts to stop. Sort of the evil cousin of synchronicity.

You take the good with the bad.

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