Go. Go hard. Go more. Go again.

I have been reading Henry Rollins “Smile You’re Travelling”. It is undoubtedly one of the books that has influenced me in the writing of this blog. His philosophy is simple.

Go. Go hard. Go more. Go again.

Henry Rollins has long been a spoken word favorite of mine. His energy and his observations are amazing. He is funny, not afraid to speak his mind, and he comes from a point of view that I admire. He is incredibly well spoken and retains a realness that he has cultivated from his personal experiences with bands and musicians and endless work and travel. His books of journals and road histories are amazing.

The book “Smile, You’re Traveling” is a journal of him doing shows and taking breaks in places all over the world. Throughout, his love of music and audiences and his work ethic and love/hate relationship with loneliness make for a great read. I highly recommend this book or “Get In The Van”.

I was first turned on to Henry Rollins by Kris B. when I worked in Engineering at Marshall Erdman in Waunakee. He gave me a few spoken word show CD’s. I had always thought Henry Rollins was just the meathead from Black Flag and that how could this guy be eloquent. I was wrong. He is not only eloquent, but funny as hell. I was hooked. Kris later went to see Henry at a book signing and got his copy of “Get In The Van” signed. Jealous. Henry is (aside from hendrix and SRV) one of the few people I would still shell out to see live. I will have to keep my eyes open. Eventually I would amass a collection of about 20 shows. None is more prized than “Eric The Pilot”.  This show and the story Henry tells is hysterical and it showcases his ability to color the mundane and make you want to listen closely. Get it if you can find it. I have heard the story many times and it is always fun to listen to. It is in the telling that you get the power from Henry.

He would be pleased I think.

It’s not always the destination, but the journey, that you derive the pleasure from.

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