A Formal Apology To Rush Fans

Since I started this blog I noticed that despite only having told about 6 people tops about it, my stats on site views slowly crept up to sometimes having 10, sometimes 15 hits a day. One glorious day I had 41 hits. Woot woot!  Then I got thinking… no one in Indonesia is following with interest my rantings on music and my life. Morocco? Forget it. Here are my top 8 countries I get hits from.                 Look Abbey! The UK .

It didn’t take too long to realize my sudden glory.

Almost every day since I posted “The Rush Paradigm” that particular entry gets hit. It gets hits from the states and from an odd collection of countries from around the world. Howdy world!

There can be only one reason for this swell of interest. It’s likely not people looking for my deep personal revelations about myself and my relationship to Rush. Since I mention a handful of classic Rush albums by name they probably come up in searches for people looking to download them.

I can imagine their faces… excitement turning to what the…?! as they find themselves on a web page that not only they can’t download the albums from, but that is just some dude talking about Rush. Not even current info on new albums or links to other Rush sites. Sigh…

So to the Rush fans that are hitting my page… my sincerest apologies.

And I leave you with this:


Rock on.

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