L7 Broke My Ears

I posted a while ago about a ska concert that my son Max went to see, and in the same entry I mentioned seeing L7 at the Stock Pavillion in Madison with Dalton back in the day.

Amongst Dalton’s momentos that he let me copy was this letter that I wrote to him after the show. This was the show where I was on the fringe of the mosh pit and I thought I had permanently damaged my hearing. On the way in we were frisked. This was my first pre-show frisking. Another milestone. Wool opened the show and was handing out cassette singles. Then came The Melvins. Finally L7 hit the stage and the rest is history.

All facts I document with this letter. Quite an artifact. I combined a CPR graphic with a reference to Poopshovel’s song “Technodunce” to create a fan supportive yet mildly threatening message.

Don’t bother trying to read it too carefully. I merely submit it here as proof that I braved the edge of the mosh pit, was frisked, and that L7 broke my ears. At least for a while.

Again, a big shout-out to Dalton for inviting me to the edge.

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