Frampton Came Alive

Abbey returned home for a few weeks this past weekend from Georgia. She brought her USB Record Player and records with her at my request. She bought and brought “The Sex Pistols – Never Mind The Bollocks”. That should sound interesting coming out of the little built in speaker. Of course I wanted her to bring it because this gave me a chance to play some of the vinyl I had purchased from the garage sale. The first track I wanted to play?… sorry Linda. I broke out the “Peter Frampton – Frampton Comes Alive”.

Several times in the past I was tempted to buy this album, but I wasn’t familiar with all the songs on it and since it was a double album it was pricey and I was poor. I always loved the songs that I knew from the radio though. So this was going to be my first actual spin of this particular wax.

It’s pretty worn on the cover and inside was no better.


The album itself looked fairly good though. No huge scratches that I could see. I lifted the lid and put it on the spindle. I was about to play an album for the first time in probably 20 years.

I lifted the needle and cautiously dropped it into the groove before “Do You Feel Like We Do”. The sound of the audience was good with very little crackly wear noise.

I spent a bit finding the loudest the speaker could handle before starting to sound like crap. Then I took a moment while the song was playing to check out the liner notes. To my surprise they were written by Cameron Crowe. Wasn’t he the Rolling Stone guy that they made the “Almost Famous” movie about. Hmmm…

Eventually the talkbox solo came on and I was in heaven. I think that the first part of the song is only there to build anticipation for the solo portion of the song. Is there a studio version of this? I briefly explained the whole talkbox thing to Abbey who played me a track from her laptop of something more current and computer derived. Not the same, but good too. I could tell that the song wasn’t hitting her synapses like it was mine. It was awesome. I still LOVE this song.

It finally ended and I packed it all up.

…But couldn’t resist this final picture.

 Frampton was briefly back.

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