Westside Andy – Every Thursday – Hody

Last night we stopped in to The Hody for some late dinner and a beer. On the way in we noticed a truck outside backed up to unload band equipment. It was Thursday night. In the entrance, where all the band flyers are posted for current and upcoming shows are posted, this sign caught my eye:

No way! Synchronicity!

Yes. Westside Andy AND Mel Ford, both of whom have been mentioned in this blog before were here setting up to play their apparently every Thursday night gig!

Clearly I need to get out more. How long have they been playing here?!

While we were waiting for our food they tuned the drums quielty and the guitar as well. I wasn’t sure if it was Mel tuning, but it sounded great just what he was doodling to check the sound.

Then Westside Andy was onstage and blowing his harp for a bit to check levels. Wow. Just his little minute long tuning test was music to my ears. Westside Andy Linderman I have heard live playing alongside Paul Black. He was fantastic with Paul at the Big Bull Falls Blues Fest (which I have yet to write about). He wailed hard at that show and I remember it to this day. It was amazing. I wonder now if he played with Mel Ford on the Mel Ford and the Fairlanes show that I saw and taped. I’ll have to give that a play and see if he gets called out.

Westside Andy also played on the “Paul Black and The Flip Kings – Don’t Make Me Get Up” tape and the “Paul Black and The Flip Kings – King Dollar” CD. I pulled out the CD and checked out the picture of the group. Check out Andy. He looks like he has barely changed.

After the warmups Andy sat at the bar and had some dinner across from us. It was my star sighting for the year. I toyed with the idea of buying him a beer, but unfortunately we weren’t going to be able to stay for the show and I thought that would be weird. Now that I know he plays there every Thursday night though… I’ll be back.

I would love to have a beer and listen to him play.

Here’s to you Westside Andy!

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