A Little Traveling Music Please…

Next week I have a trip for work. I’m going to Florida.

In the past I have travelled with all manner of music and formats. Tapes in the old old days. CD’s in the old days. Then on to MP3 discs in my Disc-Man that played MP3 files (for training in Phoenix one year). Then on to the I-Pod.  This is the first year I am taking all the music I own.

It has not always been easy determining the right music for a trip.

When I was a teen and I went to stay at my dad’s place for the summer I took my whole damn stereo. He had one of those all in one stereos and come on, I had my standards. Sorry Dad.

It was better in later years when my more easily portable tapes vastly outnumbered my vinyl.

Once in the late 80’s, I stood in front of my tape rack in the apartment in Sun Prairie, looking for the perfect tape to pop into the tape deck in the Sunbird. I was going to the bank, a less than 10 minute round trip depending on if a car was ahead of me in line. In all fairness, likely a 6 minute trip. I stood there in front of the rack for probably 10 minutes. Eurythmics? No, not the right mood.  David Bowie? No, I wanted something to play hard as I was taking the 3 corners between here and the bank. Judas Priest! Yes! Perfect. Which one though? If I took “Rocka Rolla” I would have to rewind it (knowing I had stopped the tape during “Winter Deciever”)before I left. “Unleashed In The East” though was ready to go. Maybe “Stained Class” though… I saw Springsteen out of the corner of my eye and wavered for a split second, but stuck with Priest. After finally selecting “Unleashed In The East” I went for my coat by the front door. Patty who was sitting in the living room stared at me in disbelief. “You haven’t gone yet?!”

My explanation that I spent 10 minutes picking a tape for a 6 minute ride was hard to swallow, even by me. That’s when I knew I had a problem.

From that day forward I always kept at least 5 tapes in the glove box for just such an emergency.

On one trip, where I carried about 20 CD’s in my bag, most came out of the cases and were jumbling around in my suitcase. Some were wrecked. After that I only brought my music in my carry on.

When I went I-Pod things were a lot better.  Of course I spent the day before travelling going through what I had on there, loading new podcasts and removing stuff that I had grown tired of. Collateral musical damage.

This trip I am taking my laptop (I always do) and my Toshiba external with my entire music collection. Simple. No fuss, no muss.

I have already scoured the internet for information on the safety of passing an external through x-ray. In all cases the information is that it will be safe.

Nonetheless, I have backed it up. So the worst that could happen is I would only have Pandora, Flea Market Funk, Grooveshark and I-Tunes until I return home.

The agony.

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