Wish I Still Had That… Part 1 (Bowie)

In response to my blog about Abbey and her acquiring “David Bowie – Station To Station” on vinyl, Dalton sent me the following picture, with the caption “Vinyl Rules!”

He has proud owner written all over his face.

I had both of these during my time in the rented room on Summit Ave. in Milwaukee. I remember not being a huge fan of the song “Diamond Dogs” but eventually buying the album and being blown away with how good the whole thing was. I listened to it alone in my room like a student of the David Bowie sound and was surprised at the atmosphere he conjured up, sort of post apocalypse and seedy. I loved it. I regret getting rid of my vinyl. Glad some kept them and that others are building a collection.

Here’s to you David Bowie, and all your fans that still possess you on vinyl.


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