Someone Who Attended

It could be observed that I am retentive in many ways. Take for instance the case of the Big Bull Falls Blues and Jazz Fest.

I received this in the mail this year.

First of all, I find this incredible, because the first and only time I went to the Big Bull Falls Blues and Jazz Fest was in 1992. Somehow I have remained on the mailing list this long. Bravo record keepers. At any rate, when I got it I checked the calendar and unfortunately, was not able to go. My experience at the 1992 Fest is a whole story on its own, but the flyer got me thinking. I decided to search for the flyer from the 1992.

It turns out I’m not the only one.

I discovered the website

There was info on Big Bull Falls Blues and Jazz Fest’s of the past. There was a section that had images of old flyers for the Fest, but they only went back so far. 1992 was not included unfortunately. I looked at the performance lineups for the year I went, which unbeknownst to me was actually the first year. There were only a few bands listed for the whole 3 day event and there were some omissions, namely Paul Black and Lonnie Brooks. In this case I was positive of the information because I had recorded both of these guys’ shows. I shrugged it off, but in subsequent days I felt compelled to write to the gentleman listed as the contact for additions/corrections.

I wrote an e-mail to Doug and stated that in case he was still looking for info on the event, I was there and I told him that I had seen Paul Black and Lonnie Brooks and Koko Taylor on Saturday August 29, 1992. He wrote me back a few days later.

“Hi Mike,
Yes, I am still keeping track of this and other Wisconsin music
festivals.  Thanks for the information which has just been added to:
“Dates and Saturday performers from someone who attended just that
day.”   Unless you want your name here I will leave this as is.”

I was pleased to have contributed some info to the history of the event. My tiny little mark on music history.

I am someone who attended.

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