Bootlegs – Part 4 Digitize and Purge

After many years of dabbling with and changing equipment for, I finally struck the right combination of equipment to allow me to digitize my bootleg cassettes with a good sound and quality to them. Originally I was out to record my friend Jeff’s tapes, but it worked so well that I tried some of the music tapes and was pleased with the results.

I digitized a couple and then halted production to give them a hard listen. In years past the equipment seemed to work but there were lots of time drop outs in the final recording. Enough to drive me crazy and to stop digitizing.

Now I have a stable laptop and after burning up one USB tape device and getting another, the process and the product are a go.

I have been digitizing the bootlegs and passing them to a friend of a friend for a karma boost. Some I keep as personal momentos, but the majority will be distributed. I hope I don’t regret that in years to come.

I have scanned the cover of each for posterity and before I started giving them away I had a photo shoot in the sun room to document the collection.

A different angle.

The low angle.

Regis had to get into the act.

It should be noted that I have kept all the tapes in my briefcase full of blues.

I mean, I’m not crazy.

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