The Aural Retentive at 1 Year

I am writing this blog entry on 11-11-2012. One year to the day I posted my first entry on this blog.

It started after years of writing it in my head over and over. I would jot down notes on a piece of paper I kept on the back of my clipboard in the Erdman forklift driving days. Then when that wore out I turned the list into a text file. Eventually I printed that out and ended up jotting notes on it. This piece of paper has been in my work backpack for years. I even started making a timeline on it to try and help determine years and the sequence of events along the way. I consider this piece of paper The Aural Retentive’s birth certificate in a way.

Some of this stuff I have already written about, some is still to come.

Some history is still being made.

Today I am one year old.

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