Abbey’s Vinyl Station vs My Vinyl Station

Abbey sent me this pic of her record player setup in her Valdosta apartment.


Her collection is getting bigger, all neat and tidy below the glass. Nice poster of a record player behind it. Also, note the old school Nintendo (my old one) next to the rig.

Nice selections Abbey! “The Smiths – The Queen Is Dead” with “The Cure – Staring At The Sea” on deck behind it.


and “Roxy Music – Avalon”?!  Surprising, yet not surprising knowing Abbey’s love of the Brit sound. Bryan Ferry. Nuff said.


Now, here’s mine. A mess!

2013-02-05 06.38.13

There are the records stacked neatly, next to the receiver and the record player, but as was the case in the old days, records are leaning up everywhere. I have been listening to them in the mornings as I get ready for work, and I haven’t figured out a great organizing system with the limited space I have. I might need a fruit crate soon.

There are records by the left speaker, the right speaker, in front left and in front right. What you can’t see is a pile in the sunroom too. This is what my room looked like all the time when I was all albums back in the day.

I need to listen to all these (spolier alert, there are a bunch of new ones) with a critical ear, listening for skips and bad scratches. Of course, as I’m getting ready in the morning I can’t pay enough attention, and just end up enjoying them… which is nice, but not getting the critical listen part done. So they stack up.

There are worse problems to have.


So, with the recent purchases and gifts from Dalton I was forced to find a new solution. I had records in too many places and visions of my Ann Arbor apartment bedroom and stepping on and breaking an album were flashing in my head. Due to a recent move at work, I had some plastic bins available and I employed one to hold records. I cleaned up the whole record area. Behold.

2013-02-12 07.14.37

What doesn’t fit on the two shelves, goes to the bin on the right.

2013-02-12 07.14.20

The speaker fits on top nicely. I will probably have to set up one on the left at some point of only to satisfy my symetry issues. One of my many. The bin is already about half full !

2013-02-12 07.14.47

I’ll still keep my eyes open for some authentic fruit crates. For now, these will work.

ADDENDUM: Holy S&!#    It’s out of control now.

2013-05-27 13.31.40

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  1. Your set-up is nicely organized and looks good. If I had a setup i’d have shit all over the price unlike you. When I stop and take off the old onld one 1 set it on the album cover and get the new one and before you know it I’ve got albums laying all over. aaaarrrgggg

    1. Ha. I have piles everywhere. I am going to have to alphabatize. I can’t find anything now, and it’s all right in front of me. Check out the addendum to this post.

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