Edwin Rosavio – Please Come Home

However, when playing the Hendrix album that I got from Josh, I noticed that someone had engraved their name on the inner end part of the album!

This I have not seen before.

2013-03-16 09.01.10

This doesn’t get hit by the needle as it reaches the center and the record ends. It is actually brilliant. I didn’t even notice it the couple times I have played this, I only noticed because I was looking at what was written in that area to see if the date was inscribed there. I was like, what is that!?

What struck me was how small this was. What did he use to scratch his name in?

Did he do this on all of his albums? That could have been a lot of work.

Josh was sure that this had been his dad’s album. So apparently it had been purchased used. That makes me at least the 4th owner of this album.  I have to say that that feels pretty good. This vinyl has played to a lot of rooms and parties and memories.

I have your album Edwin. No worries, I will take good care of it.

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  1. I actually noticed that way back in high school. What’s interesting is that many times that is how it can determine if the album is a 1st print because subsequent pressings will not contain the same scratchings

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