T.U.G.G. Record Release Party – Majestic Theater, Madison WI 05/31/2013 Post-Show

The show was truly awesome!

This was the first time I have been to the Majestic in the daylight, despite it being almost 8 pm. I got a nice shot of the marquee.

2013-05-31 19.56.10

and the obligatory “we were here” picture

2013-05-31 19.56.29

Art Paul Schlosser was not playing outside. Too bad. I was prepared to buy one of his art squares for my future musical man cave. Next time I guess.

Since we were a bit early I busied myself looking at the show posters for upcoming bands. I love these band flyers. They are little works of art. The poster for T.U.G.G. was on the door.

2013-05-31 20.00.30

I wonder if anyone in the Majestic keeps copies of these? They would make a great book one day if you ask me, or, they could sell downloads of them. Imagine printing out all the show posters of your favorite bands.     Majestic… take notice.     I love these things!

Here is a picture of me, potentially the first one in line.

2013-05-31 19.58.56

They opened the doors shortly after. To my surprise, the balcony was closed that night. So we took a table on the dance floor edge and settled in. We watched the first band finish some setup and listened to the music that the DJ (DJ Trichrome) was spinning from the balcony.

2013-05-31 23.12.58

Good ska/reggae/dub stuff to get us primed. Thankfully it wasn’t ear-piercing. I was totally digging it. I took the pre-show opportunity to grab a show poster. I had hoped to possibly get Andy from T.U.G.G. to sign it.

As it turned out, I say Andy walking around before the show started. As he walked past us, I called out his name and he came over. I told him I was at the show when they opened for The English Beat and really dug it. He smiled and said how much he enjoyed that too. I asked if he wouldn’t mind signing my poster, which he did.

2013-06-01 07.49.29

Then I asked for a picture like a nerd. Which he also did for me.

2013-05-31 20.30.38

I look dazed, Andy is smiling and TALL. Wow. This guy is genuinely nice. With another smile and a handshake he thanked us for coming out to the show. It was so cool.

Then about 9, the first band came out.

They were introduced as The Soapbox Project.

Dalton later grabbed me their card from the merch table.


The lead, Derek, was playing acoustic on the left, on the right was bass and in the middle was “percussion”. The first song, which I later learned was “Addiction” was awesome. The sound was great, his voice was powerful and each song got better as they played. They played a song called “Starry Night” that was SO good. Check out their page, and find them on YouTube. Good stuff.

2013-05-31 21.09.51

Dalton and I were tripping on the percussion. The guy was sitting on a box that must have been basically electronic drums. He tapped on it and played different parts of it for base sounds and high on it for snare pops. It was very cool. He was playing a cha-cha instrument with his left hand, tapping the drum box with his right and had a tambourine attached to his left foot. Pretty cool. He did a great job. They did a cover of “Little Red Corvette” by Prince. It blew my mind, slow and awesome. Then they brought out Joe Gantzer (from T.U.G.G.) to play some with them. It was a good combination and a nice sound. That’s Joe behind the percussion guy.

2013-05-31 21.44.21

I realized that these guys had been wandering around the theater before the show. In fact throughout the night the people in all the bands did. It gave it a real community feel that was nice.

The Soapbox project was very good. I wish they had a CD. I would have bought it.

Their set finished up and Dj Trichrome kicked in again.

Next up was Kingtown Rockers.

They were more on the reggae end of the spectrum, but came out loud and hard.

2013-05-31 22.19.32

The dancing began in earnest then. There were people jumping, dancing in place and some spinning and weaving through the crowd. It was fun to people watch. One guy that had been dancing off to the side in his own little world, suddenly jumped up onstage and joined to sing a few songs. That’s him in the headband between the guitarists.

2013-05-31 22.33.31

He got the crowd really pumped, then hopped down and joined the crowd again. It was cool.

The guitarist in the middle, playing most of the solos, was awesome. It didn’t seem like he was using that many pedals, but he made some really cool sounds come out of that thing. Then they blew Dalton and my minds by playing “Breathe” by Pink Floyd. It was very cool. They also played “Jumping Jack Flash” by The Stones. These guys are Madison locals!

When their set was over Dalton went to the merch table and bought their EP for $5 with “Jumping Jack Flash” on it, with a couple dub versions of songs. Ironic, because we had discussed dub before the show. Now he will know what it is.

Then came T.U.G.G.

The band came out and got right into it. The sound was incredible and I even recognized some songs this time. I bought some of their EP’s from Amazon since the English Beat show so I knew a few.

2013-05-31 23.38.02

Andy thanked us all for coming out during a break and took a picture of the crowd. Nice.

2013-05-31 23.43.36

This is the shot, from the T.U.G.G. Facebook page. You can see my red shirt towards the back, Dalton in purple to the right of me in the picture (hand in front of his face). That was us: The Crowd.


There is a genuine good time feel with this band that I really dig. They really seem to be enjoying themselves onstage. That is nice to see. Then he switched to acoustic.

2013-05-31 23.50.37

They played new stuff obviously, from the new CD. Good stuff. Before the show I asked Andy if they would be on sale, he told me that they had forgotten them! Someone was bringing them though. I wanted one for sure. The new songs were great. I love the tempo changes in the songs. They start quiet, jam it out, then drop back into the slow groove and solo and then boom, hit you again. Fantastic mix of fast and slow songs throughout. This band has it together.

Joe jamming hard, with Ben looking on.

2013-06-01 00.04.56

I started moving around trying to get some good pictures. Side views.

2013-06-01 00.06.49

2013-06-01 00.27.49

At about quarter to one I made my way right down front for a bit to take some more pictures. They are not great, but their mine.

2013-06-01 00.29.52

2013-06-01 00.30.08

2013-06-01 00.31.32

They played an awesome set. The last pre-encore song was “Waste Away”. Andy told everyone to jump. This is another one that has a fast and hard intro, slows tempo, and then hits it hard again. The crowd went nuts. We all sang along to the “… waste away…” parts. My voice was a hoarse croak after that.

They left the stage, then came back for one final song. They played the song “Mexico”. It was great. Then they were off stage and the music was over.

Amazing show. All 3 bands were great and T.U.G.G. brought the house down.

The CD’s had arrived and I bought one for $10.

2013-06-01 07.48.00

and got a sticker for Dalton and I.

2013-06-01 07.46.36

Andy had by then made his way to the merch table and so I unwrapped the CD and asked if he could sign it while I told him I totally dug the show and couldn’t wait to see them again some time. He thanked me for coming with a huge smile and signed the CD.

2013-06-01 07.48.15

What a fantastic show! Despite being exhausted and getting home a few hours from a 24 hour day, I was still high on the music.

T.U.G.G. is great!

2013-06-01 07.48.25

Thank YOU Andy (and Joe, Jake and Ben)!

See you next time!

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  1. Great overview of the show. wanted to go but could not. TUGG is great band. But I am a little biased as Andrew (Andy) is my son and he is a nice guy.

    1. Derek, thanks for commenting! Sorry, no Facebook page, yet. I need to set one up though so I can score VIP seats at the Majestic and connect with awesome bands and performers. Once again, let me say that your set was great. Your first song “Addiction” was amazing. I’m sure you’ve performed it countless times, but I could still feel the emotion as you played it. I spent a few hours watching your YouTube videos in the days following the show. When you release a CD, or if there is one and I missed it, please let me know how I can get it.

      That whole evening was great. Thanks again for commenting. Michael

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