3 Record Stores In One Day – Part 3 (Frugal Muse West Side)


I was shocked to find that the Paul McCartney albums were STILL there! I had been there a while back and someone had sold a big collection of McCartney.


“Wings – London Town” was missing. but all the rest were still there. I was amazed. Once again, I couldn’t buy them all, but I grudgingly picked just one.

“Wings – Venus And Mars”

2013-06-23 09.11.33

It even still had the posters inside.

2013-06-23 09.12.02

I know most of these songs from “Wings – Live Over America” but I have never had this album before. My purchase of “Wings – Greatest Hits” and my come and go Paul phases had led me here. I have some very interesting McCartney outtake and bootleg material from the early years and with Wings. Great stuff that I go to now and again. Not the other Beatles though, just Paul. I like The Beatles, don’t get me wrong, but Paul is the one who I still listen to post Beatles. I love what John Lennon did and became, but honestly I prefer Paul. Gasps are heard from Beatle fans everywhere.

I took my one album to the counter and wondered how long the rest would last there. I can’t be the only one record shopping there. Can I?

I may have to come back for the rest.

Well, I might skip “Pipes Of Peace” and “Tug Of War”.

Sorry Paul.

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