Vogue Records at Hubbard Avenue Diner

This weekend we were in Middleton at a great restaurant called Hubbard Avenue Diner.

2013-08-04 09.33.28

They are famous for pie, but myself I love the biscuits they serve with breakfast. Not biscuits and gravy, just biscuits. I put jelly on them. Mmmm…

Anyway, I have been there many times and there is something there that I never noticed before, but that now that I have seen one, I recognized.

On the way into the bathroom I saw that they had a decoration on the door that is a Vogue record. These are 78 speed picture records. I bought a couple at a garage sale this year and researched them and it seems some of them are quite valuable. E-bay has a bunch at any one time and they do sell.

I stood outside the bathroom and hurriedly snapped this shot.

2013-08-04 09.23.59

This is what I have become. Taking a picture of a bathroom door with a record on it. Sigh.

There was one on the Women’s bathroom as well, but I was not going to stand outside that one and get a photo. I know I was seen taking a picture of the Men’s room door and I bet they wondered about THAT!

The Vogue record on the Men’s room door is Vogue Records # R770 performed by Art Kassel. The side in the photo is “If That Phone Ever Rings” and the other side is “The Whiffenpoof Song”. E-bay has them for sale for between $9.99 and $49.98.

As with all things, beauty and value is in the eye of the beholder.

Thanks Hubbard!


Go Pie !

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  1. Your life has come to this point……it is sad! jk old records like that are cool and I remember the days of listening to those records as a kid but they were the smaller 78’s.

    1. I wasn’t really thinking about standing outside a bathroom and taking a picture until I turned to go back to the table and I noticed that staff had noticed me taking the picture.

      Check please!

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