Mc Memorabilia

There is a McDonald’s near where I work that is a “Classic” McDonalds. That means that they are decorated with memorabilia. Not exactly Hard Rock Café style, but someone obviously collected some interesting stuff to fill the glass display cases.

One afternoon after enjoying some laptop time and a hot fudge sundae, on the way out I noticed the jukebox. They usually play oldies on the overheads and a quick look at the jukebox (decoration only I presume) revealed that the selections shown were all oldies too.


They also have 45’s in frames around on the wall near the exit. I spotted a Ringo Starr 45 on Apple records. It’s gold colored as are all the rest.


Not solid gold, but it’s nice to see Ringo at least made the wall. I predict he will be the last remaining Beatle at some point. Sorry Paul. You know you are my favorite.

They also have in another display elsewhere in the McD’s a glass case with another record. It’s another Golden Records like the one I recently got at St Vinnies. It’s a 45 size 78. Mighty Mouse theme song.


In a different area there is a poster of The Beatles, the Abbey Road album cover. I just noticed on a recent trip that this is a print….

2013-07-02 11.49.14

with signatures!

2013-07-02 11.49.23

Again, this is a print, so it’s copies of signatures, nonetheless, pretty cool.

This one is print 3691 of 9800.

2013-07-02 12.06.37

So print yes, but could be worth something.

A Google search revealed a few sites to purchase this. Depending on your frame requirements you could spend from 100 to 250 bucks.

Pretty cool for a McDonalds.

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