Headphones – Cheap And Good

I replaced my cat chewed and ruined headphones with a pair I bought at Walgreens. They came in at just over $20.

These are NOT Beats.

2013-08-21 17.23.38

Here’s the thing though. I don’t listen to music LOUD in my headphones that much. So what I need is something that sounds good at normal volume. I also need something that is very adjustable. These have folding ear cups that still cover my ears when I am laying on my pillow, very important. They are also light. I think this version is an updated version of the headphones the cat ate.

Sony MDR-ZX100.

2013-08-21 17.23.52

These are a far cry from the head enveloping big puffy ear cup kinds from back in the day that I would use with headphone cord extenders that allowed me to cover my entire room with them on. These days my music usually comes with me on my devices and there is no need for cord extenders. These for me are the best of both worlds. Cheap and good sound.

Plus they make me look like a rock star.

2013-08-21 17.26.29


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