OMG !! How Old Am I ??

I saw this in the latest Rolling Stone and I kind of freaked out.

2014-05-01 21.01.44

This kid is Frances Bean?! Kurt and Courtney’s kid?! Whoa.

Did I freak out because her fiancé is dressed like a creepy Kurt lookalike? No.

Did I freak out because she was not at her father’s induction (for shame!). No.

I freaked out because this is how I remember seeing her when I was following everything that the Kurt and Courtney did.

Kurt and Frances Bean

Now she is like a full grown human? Man do I feel old. I really had to look at the picture in Rolling Stone several times to convince myself that I wasn’t being tricked somehow. My how time flies.

I began to try to imagine her life. It has no doubt churned out an interesting person. Famous and now dead father, famous and still crazy mother…

Turns out she has led quite a life according to Wikipedia.

Remarkably, I didn’t know Wikipedia listed this, her net worth is 170 Million (in 2011). I guess I feel a little less bad for her.

Here is something to consider. When and if she has a kid… that would make Kurt a grandfather.

Mind = BOOM

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