When One Of Your Favorite Bands Is Broken Up, OR, Led Zeppelin 2

I may have missed my chance to see Led Zeppelin for real, and have spent a good deal of money replacing my vinyl from the band, not to mention watching “The Song Remains The Same” several times, corny dream sequences and all, but when I saw that Led Zeppelin 2 was coming to The Majestic I couldn’t pass it up.

Dalton and I have been waiting for a great cover band to come through, and this may be our chance.



Tickets are purchased.

Check out LZ2 doing “Houses Of The Holy”

Makes me wonder about the life of a Robert Plant lookalike. His hair is spot on. It must be a constant source of pride and pain at the same time. I mean it’s not like he can just get a buzz. Half of the appeal is the look of Robert Plant singing to you. Sort of the way taste is a good portion of sight and smell. Do you think he has to often explain that he is in a cover band?

I just came across the video of them doing “In The Light”. The guitarist uses a bow on the guitar. Whoa. I just got a chill.

Dalton and I are gonna have sore necks from bobbing our heads to this. Can’t wait!


Our tickets came!

2014-12-14 06.22.31

Prepare to Rock On !

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