Free To Good Home

Not every CD or music purchase I make proves to be life altering. Sometimes I take a chance and the result is not what I expected.

Case in point.

“The Riptones – Cowboy’s Inn” Promo CD

2015-02-05 17.06.39

I bought this from the Frugal Muse purely for the fact that it was on Bloodshot Records, the label that has released several Wayne Hancock CD’s. I thought, maybe this will prove to be another gem that I just never stumbled onto before. I bought it along with “Blondie – Parallel Lines” (for only 2 bucks, which WAS a life altering album back in the vinyl days). In the car on the way to dinner that night I put it in and had a listen.

In short, it wasn’t for me. Not bad, but not what I wanted. I would certainly never bad mouth anyone that plays in a band, and if I were in front of them live I would probably dig it. However, the odds of me listening to this CD again are not high.

So what do you do with a CD you don’t want to keep forever?

As no one I know is into Grade A Roadhouse Honky-Tonk (not even you Josh) I decided that the best thing to do was give it away. Free-To-Good-Home it.  So I put a post-it on it.

2015-02-05 17.14.29

I will casually lay it on the break room table at work and see how long it lays there. Might be a good gauge of the vibe of the company. I’ve only been there for a few weeks. Too early to bring my Frank Zappa poster in and fess up to the level of music junkie that I really am.

If the CD makes it all day, that says something certainly. Gone by lunch, there may be some others like me there. I know there are musicians in the house that play in bands. Maybe this CD is up one of their alleys.

I left it on the breakroom table.

2015-02-06 08.23.35

Goodbye Riptones. Make someone happy!


Addendum: It was gone in a couple hours. Enjoy it Deb.

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