Clarence Gatemouth Brown – Summerfest 1992

One more from the basement photo box. In this one I am waiting at the Pabst Blue Ribbon stage at Milwaukee’s Summerfest to see Gatemouth Brown. You can tell it’s Summerfest by the distinct flying chairs above. It used to be it was worth waiting in line for the ride as it was the fastest way from one side of the grounds to the other.

My  Terminator wraparounds are awesome.


and that is a fanny pack poking out from under my shirt. Sigh.

At any rate, the show was good. CGB was an artist I learned about when I started checking out a few shows like The Texas Connection, Lone Star Roadhouse, On Stage and Austin City Limits on TV. I learned that they don’t just have pure country artists on and that I was digging some of them. Learned about Danny Gatton, Delbert McClinton and CGB.

When I saw that he was coming to Summerfest, I made sure we were there that day. June 4th 1992 to be exact. I know this because I brought my tape recorder in and recorded the show.

(32) -Summerfest -Milwaukee WI. -6-4-92 -GOOD -81 -aud

That is my shorthand entry. It’s tape # 32, recorded at Summerfest in Milwaukee on 6-4-1992. Quality is good, length 81 minutes and recorded from the audience. Pretty standard for lists of tapes for swapping.

I didn’t get any pictures of the show, but I did get this early “marquee” shot.


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