My Wife Went To Country USA And All I Got Was This Stupid…



This awesome hat!!

2015-06-28 12.53.21

So Cindy went to Country USA. It’s a country music festival in Oshkosh.


For Country music fans, there is a lot to love.

She saw the Eric Church show. I have to confess I was a little jealous.

Eric Church was one of my gateway drugs into the world of modern day country music. He was just rock enough for me to drop my 45 year old personal boycott of country music and give it a listen again. It was his song “Drink A Little Drink” that Cindy had me listen to that did it. I love that song.

Subsequently she bought me the “Eric Church – Live Caught In The Act” vinyl.

It’s awesome and collectible too!

So, knowing me like she does… I am now the proud owner of a Eric Church hat, which I have sported proudly ever since.

Thanks Babe!

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