THIS Is Why You Always Look Inside Before You Buy

Even when you are only paying a buck for a CD like I do at St. Vinny’s, it is still worthwhile to check inside before you buy it. It can save you from embarrassing and sad moments.


One David Bowie item I never had was the soundtrack to Labyrinth. I was close many times, but never purchased it. The collector in me knew I needed it, but there were plenty of songs on there that realistically I would never listen to. “Magic Dance” was on there however. I was terribly torn, but in the end never did buy it.

So… when I saw it at St. Vinny’s recently I was delighted. I snatched it up and took it home.

2015-07-21 08.01.03

However, when I went to play it… I was shocked to find that inside was NOT Labyrinth.

2015-07-21 08.00.28

It was 2Pac’s Greatest Hits. WTF? Ugh.

THIS is why you always check the CD before you buy it.

Lesson learned.

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