Dalton’s Legacy Music

I copied all of Dalton’s MP3 CD’s, which he gave me actually before he passed, onto an external drive for safe keeping. There was a lot of stuff on there that was either unknown to me, or stuff that I didn’t have immediate plans on listening to. I basically couldn’t see all that work downloading and copying and compiling go to waste. Dalton had his copies on his media and these were redundant.

In point of fact, my music, which I did the same exact thing with, taking all my CD’s and DVD’s of MP3’s and put them on external media, still exists on those same CD’s and DVD’s in the basement. Oh the hours spent. Sigh.

At any rate, when I noticed that he had some Pink Floyd that I didn’t have in this collection I knew I had to keep it and at the very least check our common artists to see if I had missed any other tidbits.

I called this collection of music, Dalton’s Legacy Music.

I knew that when I copied everything into this unassuming little device

2015-08-16 05.45.43

that for one thing there was a ton of music, second that everything wasn’t in its proper folder. I made a mental note to one day go in and make sure the randoms were put in the folders they belonged in. One of those organizations exercises that I sadly love.

Then recently I was looking for a perfect selection for my music exchange with Otis (picked Sneaker Pimps) and I really took my first good hard look at its contents. Accept, Metallica, Aldo Nova, Pixies, Mudhoney, REM, Val Halen including Van Hagar (sigh) and tons of hair metal, but there are some surprises too. Stevie Nicks?

We all have our guilty pleasures.

There were of course our standard fare, complete NIN, Manson, Nirvana, Pink Floyd, and Beatles discographies, but there were also some bands that I had always been curious about, but never tried. For instance Faith No More. The only song I knew from FNM was “Epic”. Then the other day on Spotify a song came on the Weekly Discovery mix that I liked and checked out who it was. To my surprise it was “A Small Victory” by FNM. So not what I was expecting. I guess I need to check these guys out.

Also in Legacy Music is Lou Reed. Now, I have had a taste of Velvet Underground and a few radio friendly tracks by Lou, but never really gave him a listen. There are a ton of albums of his here. I never realized he had so many.

I also found Rainbow and UFO, oldies, but goodies?

There is also an extensive collection of samplers and collections of Punk and Indie stuff.

The process of taking time to listen to all these bands and make a determination if they are ones I want to really investigate at length is a hefty one on its own. There is so much here. What would you do if someone gave you the keys to a record store and told you to dive in? The task is daunting. Opening door after door on what could be awesome or potentially not. All that power in this little device.

Dalton is still turning me on to music.

Thanks Buddy!

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