Feeling Nappy? Wake Up ! Listen To This…

Those of you familiar with the former WSUM Morning Zoo DJ Wiki Ben likely already know about his departure from the Madison area. I won’t gush weirdly about how I was literally sad when I found out he was going off the air. Suffice it to say that Pattern Recognition was one of my faves on WSUM.

I listened to the last few shows and then the final show on 9/07/2015.

Then Pattern Recognition went off the air.

Last month however, I was delighted to get an e-mail about DJ Wiki Ben starting to Podcast shows! He is set up in his new location and crafting mixes again.

His new show is called Afternoon Nap. Recorded at home.


The second show came out today and I’m listening to it as I write this. He is on Tumblr


but you can also get to his show through his former site.


If you get a chance, get to one of these sites and check out the show, you will not regret it.

I was going to throw in a picture of David Bowie from the video for the song “DJ” but I ran across this and had to use it.


Great show DJ Wiki Ben, keep ’em coming!

The Aural Retentive

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