Dirty Ghosts ! – Happy Halloween from The Aural Retentive

No… not this.



2015-10-24 20.19.30

“Dirty Ghosts – Metal Moon”

The Halloween tie-in was too good to pass up.

I heard the song “19 In ’71” on WSUM and I had to check out the group. When I heard “Ropes That Way” I was hooked. I checked it out on Spotify and the rest was awesome too! I knew I was going to have to buy this. It would be great for me and I thought Otis might dig it too. Perfect for the Tabasco tin. So I ordered a used copy on vinyl.

To my delighted surprise, when it arrived and I pulled it out to play it…

Translucent dark streaked vinyl !! Woo hoo!

2015-10-31 08.05.45

Either they are all this way or the E-bay add forgot to mention it. Anyway, I played this wary for that “loved it at that moment, now that moments gone” sensation, but… no… I still love this.

AND not only does it sound great, but it looks thunderously cool on my new Third Man Records slipmat.

2015-10-31 08.27.55

2015-10-24 20.19.09

Ugh. Dusty, but cool anyway.

This album is grimy and hooky and there is not one single dog on the whole album. It’s on Last Gang Records. There is a female lead singer and bass player, with a male drummer. I checked out a couple of videos trying to pick one to post here and the lead singer/guitarist has a very moppy hair Joan Jett sensibility, but you can’t mistake the modern approach in the music. Very beat driven. Check them out.


They have a newer album, but this one is better in my opinion. Of course I heard this one first and I am willing to accept the fact that it may weigh my decision. The newer one is good, but this one really has the hooks that stick with me.

Interestingly, the link to buy the Limited Edition Vinyl of “Metal Moon” isn’t working. I wonder if it is just broken or sold out and the just killed the link. It’s available on Amazon, but doesn’t mention the Limited Edition. I like the editorial comment:

“Vinyl LP pressing. 2012 debut album from this Punk/Alt-Rock band led by Allyson Baker. Back in the ’90s, she was sneaking into Dwarves shows and frequenting mosh pits before she was barely out of junior high; by age of 17, she was playing guitar for some of Toronto’s most notorious punk and hardcore bands (Teen Crud Combo R.I.P.), before leaving her friends and family behind in 2000 to shake some action in San Francisco. Dirty Ghosts may be her new band, but it’s the five-years-in-the-making product of a habit she just can’t quit, a sound and vision that-despite numerous obstacles along the way-just had to be unleashed. And, as this dead-cool debut ultimately proves, good things happen when you refuse to give up the ghost.”

I recommend this highly!

And a Third Man Records slipmat to complete the vision


Tell them The Aural Retentive sent you.

2015-10-31 08.39.22


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