Finally Found It! – My Dad vs Neil Diamond

A while back I noticed that the cover of Neil Diamond’s album “Dreams” reminded me of a particular photo I have of my Dad. It was, in my mind at least striking. I thought I would put them side by side and see how close they were.

However, I couldn’t find the picture.

What followed was a dive into the photos box. I hand in my hand and verified one at a time thousands of pictures. During this process I discovered 2 things. The first being that we have a ton of pictures, and lots of doubles and lots of shots of trees, clouds, strangers, and zoo pictures. None of which I needed and cleaned out as I went. Second, the picture I wanted, once I got to the end of the several boxes… was missing.

I was bummed. I knew I had it, I just didn’t know where.

The other day, out of the blue as I woke one morning it hit me. The photo book! There is photo book that was put together by my Dad of pictures he took throughout his days of family, planes, the war and work. I added in some clippings and pictures in the last few pages. Was it there?



“Neil Diamond – Dreams”


and Tom Thompson (and Eileen too!)

Dad Mom Pose

Okay, not a 100% match, but I think you can see what made me think of this photo. The pose, the hair… it really struck me when I saw the album cover.

Mom, don’t worry, you’re not going crazy. I reversed the picture to match the pose.

I wonder what my Dad would think about me collecting Neil Diamond vinyl?

I like to think he would be confused and amused, but probably proud.

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