The Aural Retentive At Strictly Discs

At a recent visit to Strictly Discs store in Madison to spend some of my Etsy store profits, while at the counter paying for my haul… I casually asked if they ever hosted art sales. Understandably I was told that space was limited and that wasn’t something that they really did. It was what I expected, but I left my card anyway.

I just had them made after all.


Cindy suggested the bit on the back.  Thanks Babe.


I took the records I had bought and headed home for a stint in the music room.

To my surprise, later that night I got an e-mail from Strictly Discs! They liked my work and wanted to know if I would be interested in selling them there on consignment. This was something that they really hadn’t done before, but were willing to try. I was blown away.

After a few exchanges we settled on a plan and I brought a batch into the store for them to check out. After checking them out, they held onto what I had brought in and our collaboration was begun.

They have them displayed (for those of you familiar with the store) at the top of the stairs leading to used vinyl nirvana in the lower level, including the best dollar bins in the city!



The opening batch is Beatles, Prince, Bill Evans, Blondie’s Debbie Harry, David Bowie (with Alladin Sane lightning bolt) and Jimi. They look great hanging there in formation.

So, no matter if any actually sell, I have to give Strictly Discs props for trying it. They are going out of their norm for me, and I appreciate it.

Stop in and check them out.

Or check out Strictly Discs online:

Tell them The Aural Retentive sent you!


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