Soundtrack To World Domination !

The unofficial 2nd Annual Risk party happened this weekend. World domination with tiny little pieces. Fight to the death, or to the point when overwhelming odds makes it clear that a surrender will allow enough time for a second game.

I was blue in this game and the first one did NOT, I repeat did not go my way. Notice there is hardly any blue pieces on the board, but a big pile of them in front of my side of the board. Yeah. I got beat down. That was okay though. I was the official music changer.

I had each combatant accompany me to the music room, to show it off of course, but also to have each pick some vinyl to play to be a soundtrack to our evening. Then they agreed somehow to allow me a picture with the music they picked.

That’s my buddy Mike with Iron Maiden – Killers on the left and my buddy Josh on the right with Tom Waits – Rain Dogs.

My pick? David Bowie’s Diamond Dogs. Seemed fitting somehow.

Anyway, Mike and I got beat the first game and Josh won.

The second game started good, but in the end Mike won.

I would like to point out that I NEVER even once used any of the larger pieces. Sigh. Poor showing for the HOST of this party, but… it was good to hang with my dudes and have some music and food and laughs even if I did get soundly beaten.

Thanks guys!

Next Risk party I am going for complete and total world domination! Wah ha ha.

Maybe I should have picked some Judas Priest.

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