Live With Max ! 6/2/2017

Max hit the airwaves at 11 PM on Friday night (6/2/2017) on WSUM.

His show is tentatively titled “Live With Max” and despite raising him on classic rock and 90’s grunge and alternative… he plays Hip Hop. That’s cool, I’m glad he found what moves him.

I have to admit, despite it not being my genre, I liked some of what he was playing. I think the producers and mixers create some fantastic music.

Here is a link to his splash page

and his Spinitron playlist

so you can see what he played last week.

If he was nervous, you couldn’t hear it. He had a smooth radio voice with a nice pace to his vocal break stuff, not rushing though it and spewing, but talking slow with pauses like you were right with him and just having a conversation. His tracks flowed nicely and the hour was over too soon.

So, if you find on the dial at 11 PM of Friday, check him out.

Nice job Max!

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