Take Your Protein Pills And Put Your Backpack On…

I was on Amazon today getting a decal for my car. It needs a little something to set it apart from the other silver sedans in the parking lot. I have already stood next to someone else’s car at least twice not understanding why the handle button is not unlocking the door.

So something on the back window for identification purposes will be just then thing.

I ordered a Bowie decal, which I will show in a later blog once I have it on…


while I was on Amazon I came across this:


I am a bit stunned. Of course, I fully acknowledge the rights in this world for folks to make money, and I have seen a lot of cashing in on Bowie merchandise, hell, I made the star letters as vinyl cutouts to sell, but I find this one comical.

Is this the kind of backpack little girls want to wear these days? What happened to Hello Kitty and My Little Pony? I just don’t get the demographic for this. Is it for parents to buy for their kids who won’t understand or appreciate the significance, or are there very young girl Bowie fans who really dug his Blackstar album? It really spoke to them in a way that they really want to emblazoned it on their backpack? Be that kid in school? I mean it is marketed as a kid’s backpack. It’s a bit boggling.

Per the description in the ad: Small Size For Kids Under 6 Years Old

Don’t fret little dudes. It also comes in blue.

Ground Control to Major Tom
Ground Control to Major Tom

Take your protein pills and put your helmet backpack on.

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