New Manson! New Manson! New Manson!

There are only a handful of current artists that I will buy sight unseen. Or rather ears unheard? Most groups I check out on Spotify, make sure that it moves me, and then go and pick up the music for real.

There are also a handful of artists that I only buy digitally. The majority of them have disbanded but NIN and Manson are still putting out new music.

Yesterday morning I got a tiny notice on my phone that the new Marilyn Manson album had been released. Just like that. There had been an Instagram post with a link to the song “WE KNOW WHERE YOU FUCKING LIVE” a while back, but I had no idea the album was being released that day.

I stared at the notice for a moment, then went directly to Amazon Music, found it, bought it and downloaded it. Like 4 minutes tops from notice to owning the music. That in itself is worth a whole post. Kids these day will never know the experience of having to get a ride to the mall and being the last one on their block to have the new whatever album and having to wait to get home to put it on the turntable.

So now I had it… my only hang-up was having time to listen to it. I got through about 4 songs on the way home from work yesterday. So far… I LOVE it.

The album is called Heaven Upside Down.

This the 10th album by Manson. It has been interesting to hear the evolution of his sound over the years. The shock and outrageousness has mellowed a bit but the anger and hard in your face rock has not.

The cover shows about the most normal look he has ever sported, which is interesting since he has made a science of makeup and costume and various looks throughout the years. He looks a bit less like a sometimes controversial rock star and more like a GQ back pages model.

As I write this I am listening to Heaven Upside Down. I do love it. I think he is doing a good job staying weird enough to keep his older fans while sounding modern without turning us off and sounding like a sell out.

Love him or hate him, he has his way of doing things.

I’m still listening Brian.


Those of you who have read my blog recently saw the post about the kids David Bowie Blackstar backpacks. Not to be outdone. you can now pick up some killer Manson schwag. I find this amazing, but he is officially selling fanny packs.

Remember those?

Saw this come up on the merch bar in Spotify. I literally laughed out loud. This is legit. Official Merchandise. No kidding.

He is crafty with the merchandising and style and appeal to various groups, but I’m not sure what group he is going after with this one.

Oh crap, maybe it’s me.


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