1 Dollar Nostalgia Sealed With A Kiss

Yes, the CD is becoming a nostalgia item. I often attempt to NOT look at them when I enter my local St. Vinnie’s, but often I fail.

Yesterday I walked out with 10. I got some Cranberries, a local album by Caravan that was recorded at The Brink (I’ve seen shows there!) and a fully sealed brand new album by The Specials, a Steve Martin bluegrass album signed by all the band members (not Steve, oh well) and an MIA album I have been wanting and a couple of others.

The highlight of the batch however was a CD single.

I had this music back in the day when it came out. Pretty certain I had it as a cassette single, but the format makes little difference. I laughed when I pulled it out of the shelf lineup, but after my laugh I found myself singing it in my head and not putting it back. When I left, it was in my pile.

Anyone remember this one?

Right Said Fred.

Wow, what a one hit wonder. It was so catchy you couldn’t not like it. My cassingle had lots of versions of the song. This CD? You bet.

One thing I don’t remember from my cassingle is the “All Thanks To Jimi Hendrix For His Supreme Inspiration” part. Hendrix? Interesting.

At any rate, the song and some of the remixes are a real nostalgia trip. I even remember the video for this song and the music and flashed of the video are permanently merged in my brain.

Sheer indulgence, but it was a buck. You would probably pay the same to download the song from Amazon, and now I have every version (including instrumental and Spanish version).

I believe my Right Said Fred collection is complete, and I couldn’t be happier.

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