How To Know If Your 16 Year Old Has Been In Your Music Room

The other day as Joe and I were both in the basement (for different reasons) and I decided to put on a record for us (me) to listen to. I stepped into the music room to put on some vinyl and I noticed something right away that made me smile. Despite being concerned that someone was in my music room, I had to laugh and memorialized it here.

I have a wooden figure that I believe is used for decoration and for artists.

I use it to hold up my “now playing” record.

I use this all the time, but it was especially helpful when I was doing Instagram photos of albums I was playing and collecting. Hello all you vinyl Instagramers! Social media vinyl groups are out there and still going strong. Anyway…

What was it that had me laughing? Someone had been in my music room and while there, posed the wooden figure. Someone young.

Nice Joe.

At least he didn’t try and make him do the Dougie.

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