Vegas Report 2018

It’s been a while since we made it to Vegas, and this year we did it big. We had 4 adults and 3 younger adults.

It was probably WAY too early, but they allowed me to setup and take that picture. Good sports at pre-5 am.

This was the first flight for Joe since he was like 2, which he doesn’t remember, and so I had to take some pics for posterity.

The flight on Delta was fairly comfortable and the seats all had video screens that could play movies and had access to flight info like altitude, MPH and times from destination and such. It was pretty cool actually.

That was not the case when we got to Minneapolis. Sigh. Nor on the way back on Frontier.

At any rate, we made it.

Let me paint you a picture of our first day.  H  O  T.

Yes, we managed to come to Vegas during a time when they were poised to set heat records. Temps were in the 113 to 115 range. It was hot. Even dry heat hot. For those folks that perform outside, like down on Freemont Street, it must be hell.

Outside our hotel, through a gift shop, I heard some music and went to investigate. This poor guy was wailing some Black Crowes out it that heat. He was good, but I didn’t have time to stay and listen. Too bad.

The air conditioner on the chair behind him is a nice touch. Hope it helped.

That night we did KA. It was as amazing the second time as the first. Maybe better. The sights, the sounds, the acrobatics… stupendous. After that we were done. Overdone actually, we were only 2 hours short of being awake for 24 hours, so we called it quits.

The next day we rented a cabana by the pool. It was a nice relaxing time. The sun was behind the fake New York New York buildings for a while, but when it came over the building you could start to feel the effects of the “Excessive Heat Warnings” that were happening. Without the cabana and the surprisingly cool water, I would not have survived the many hours we spent there.

In the evening we ventured over to Luxor for dinner and to check out the ESports arena.

This turned out to be a colossal hit with the boys. We set them up with an hour before our show. Even I had to admit it was pretty damn cool.

There was a Super Smash Bros. tournament happening that night. Joey likey.

From there we went to see Blue Man Group. Cindy and I have toyed with going to see them before, but hadn’t yet, so I was excited. I expected a lot of drumming. There was that, but also there was a lot of comedy and other stuff too, which I found a pleasant surprise. I thought it was great and I’m glad we finally got to go see and hear these guys.

Here is a non-Vegas version of some of their stuff that I found:

Another night that spent us. After the show we went back to the room and passed out.

The next day we took the boys BACK to the ESports arena, reminded them that they would have to remember to order food at some point, and turned them loose. They were in Nirvana. (music reference?)

5 hours of gaming was slayed.

The rest of the day we gambled (thank you “Heidi’s Bier Haus”), had a nice dinner, packed and got some sleep. No one was looking forward to travelling again, but at least it was a straight flight.

On our way to our gate I did notice 2 things I had to stop and take pictures of…

Rush Playing Cards!

No, I didn’t buy them. Probably should have.

Bob Marley ear-buds.

I am not surprised by the branding of headphones with Marley’s image, the connection to music is obvious, at least more obvious than his drink line. What I noticed immediately though was that there was not one in the color scheme I was expecting of black, yellow and red. Ire.

and here is where I learned something.

I tried to search the Jamaican flag, but those colors weren’t right. They are black, yellow and green. Was I misremembering the colors? Nope.

To quote the Internet:

“They’re not “bob marely colors”.
They’re the colors of the Ethiopian flag.
Rastas use an older version of the flag, which has the conquering lion of judah.

They’re associated with Rastafarian’s first and foremost, but since people know so little about them, they associate the colors with Jamaicans (I guess since so many rastas are Jamaicans).

Blood of the people spilled in defense of the land, from years of slavery and oppression etc.

The church, peace and unification of the people, love.

Represents the land (natural beauty and such)”

It all kind of makes sense now, and I can’t believe it took me until I was in my 50’s to understand this. All because of some Bob Marley airport gift shop advertisement.

Vegas is great, but in the quiet bird chirping morning I noticed my ears were still ringing with the dings and bells of the casino and the Heidi and Hans songs was playing over and over again in my head. It will fade…


There is no place like home.

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