More Dub To Be Had On Mixcloud – Check It Out

I have been on the Reggae Dub tip for weeks now (except for a small excursion into French Ye-Ye music recently) and have plumbed the depths of YouTube and determined that I am keen on mixes as opposed to albums by single artists.

If you knew me you would be astonished.

Anyway, purely on accident I ended up on Mixcloud. I had been on this site before but it never occurred to me to check it out for Dub, but once I was there… I froze.


and courtesy of their wonderful widget I present one of my favorite artists most recent mix:

There are mixes from all over the world. I listened to some Spanish Dub for a bit. You can really expand your horizons here. I dare you not to try some other style of music while you are here.

This is just the edge of the rabbit hole. Be careful…

and enjoy.

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    1. Thanks DJ Trish. I have one recorded, probably my last one, in which I thank you for the CD’s you sent and show a couple vinyl. Going to add a bit to say goodbye and try to get it posted soon. Thanks again for all the CD’s and for being cool. Keep them good tunes spinning. 😉

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