Shame On You B&N Used Section

I have no problem with Barnes & Nobles selling vinyl.

They have a decent section of new vinyl and even Barnes & Nobles limited releases of some titles that are very well received.

They have a small section, outside of the music area, in the used area, where they do sell some used vinyl. I have purchased probably 3 or 4 things from there, but overall it seems to be a sea of albums that even people who listened to those albums in the past would prefer to listen to it on CD. Not the analog nostalgic baby boomers like myself.

I generally pass this section of rarely moving stock on my way to the used sci-fi books, but on this day saw something on the outside of the piles that caught my eye. I had to stop and look.

“Fresh Cream”

for 99 cents??!

At that price, even though I don’t typically listen to Cream, even I might be tempted to buy it. Hmm… that’s when my buyer beware kicked in and I pulled out the record itself.


That is a bit of a scratch. Like a needle damaging scratch. You wouldn’t even put this on your turntable. Come on B&N. Someone really looked at this album and decided that it was worthy of someone buying it, at ANY price?

I have purchased non-playable albums, to be fair, but they were clearly marked “AS IS”, it was an awesome Jimi Hendrix bootleg, a collectible. This however seems like some just hoping no one notices before they buy it and take it home.

Shame on you.

This makes me sad.

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