Somebody Likes It

I discovered Podcasts many years ago when they were new and shiny. I listened to some really odd stuff. Podcasts about French pop music, some science stuff, trivia and many others. A lot came and went. Lots were starting out and made several episodes, then disappeared. Some amazingly are still at it.

Skeptics Guide To The Universe is still at it, and in case you think I am one sided I also listened to Art Bell’s (R.I.P.) Coast To Coast. This is not technically a podcast but a radio show, but I provide this info for counter-balance.

I am still listening to The Dub Zone too:    Keep on keeping on Pete!

I never really came across a podcast however that really replicated the feel of the moments that Dalton and I used to have sitting around talking about music, going off on tangents, playing tracks and generally just commiserating about music in general. There have been a few that seemed promising, but ended up being too much this or that or stilted to one opinion or another. Every so often I check out some more that come along but there are so many now it boggles the mind.

Every once in a while you get lucky though and find one that is right up your alley.

Somebody Likes This is a podcast that I have stumbled onto. It’s been around since 2014 and is still going, so longevity. The gist of the show is that the 3 guys discuss albums that have been important to history, but that they are not necessarily familiar with. They rotate picking an album, they individually listen to it and come together to discuss. Simple.

I was expecting much the same as other podcasts that had tried something similar, like discussing favorite albums, or new albums, and ended up being too fan boy or hater and were a struggle to listen to, but I was pleasantly surprised.

You can find it here:    or check it out on Spotify as I am doing currently.

“Hosts: Shane Bartell, Kevin Newsum, & Ryan Newsum

Hello my little chickadees, and welcome to “Somebody Likes It.” The 3 of us will drink copious amounts of liquor and talk about an album that, while very important to a lot of people, none of us have really spent any time with. This doesn’t mean that said record is a cult classic, nay dear reader, as our intent is quite contrary to that line of thinking.”

It has a lot of anecdotes, stories about the band and album and they are not afraid to praise or punish when the music calls for it. The interplay is great and the guys are equal parts well spoken and thoughtful coupled with guys drinking in a garage. The perfect mix!

The first episode is on “Rush – 2112” and I expected to hear elaborate praise, but they were mixed on it, which I found astonishing, yet endearing and gave me some respect for them right away.

There are, as I write this, 130 episodes to ingest and there are quite a few on albums that I don’t know, so looking forward to those. Every episode I have listened to so far has been hilarious and fantastic and informative.

I also had to look up this word that they used in an early episode: oeuvre.


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