The 5 Beatles Movies

It was a thought about the movie “The Point” with music by Harry Nilsson that led me to thoughts of Yellow Submarine.

They were both movies I dug as a kid. The long cartoon if you will. I didn’t really know who the Beatles were at the time. I just thought it was a cool cartoon. The apple bonkers, the finger glove and the blue meanies. It was all great stuff.

Lately though I have been thinking about Yellow Submarine and the other Beatles movies.

There are really 5 movies/TV shows that are of consequence:

I have seen for sure “Let It Be” and “Magical Mystery Tour” and “Yellow Submarine”, but I’m really not sure on “Help!” and “A Hard Day’s Night”. I went to see “Let It Be” and another of the Beatles movies with Alan back in the day. I just can’t remember which one. Maybe I wrote about that event and remembered back then? Alan, do you remember?

Either way, I decided I wanted to watch them ALL again.

There is a cartoon, a documentary, a TV show, and 2 films. Not a bad mix.

So, I looked up where I could watch them. Most are on I-Tunes for like $3 bucks, or some weird sketchy Netflix knock offs, but as I was pondering what to do, a little voice from a wise woman in my life stated flatly in my head:

“Have you checked the library?”

Booyah! They have all but “Let It Be” and I immediately put them on hold. There are 6 holds on “Help!” ?

So 3 of the 4 are on the way.

I remember seeing “Magical Mystery Tour” on TV and realizing how silly it was. I suspect that it hasn’t changed or matured like a fine wine, but I am still on board.

The Kiss movie wasn’t Academy Award material either.

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