Silversun Pickups – Widow’s Weeds On Vinyl

It came. From Michigan to Pennsylvania to Wisconsin, but it got here.

I listened to this today, as predicted, not on vinyl, but in the car and on the computer. First impressions are simple: It’s fantastic.

The first track I heard since my flash drive alphabetized the tracks was “Bag Of Bones” which turned out to be my favorite track. I love that they left the jibber jabber in it.

I feel like this album is more of a return to their earlier sound. It’s lush and hooky and full of fat bass lines and awesome vocals. Brian Aubert’s voice is so much like everyone sings in their head, reaching those high notes and deep rich tones. Perfect. Nikki Monninger’s bass work is really pronounced on this album, really resonating and punching and grooving throughout. I think that the mixing of the album is really well done. All the sounds don’t mush together, but share the mix. 

I like the way they stutter in some of the tracks, dropping out of the rhythm and adding something tangential, then picking up the line again and slipping back in effortlessly. Like in “It Doesn’t Matter Why” at about 1:50 “Should you stay or go?… GO!”   Little sidetracks like that get me every time.

Packaging. Hmmm…

It’s not a gatefold, or a sleeve, but a fold out?

This is not super convenient, but interesting. Lyric sheet included. Blue and Red vinyl with dark streaks. Super cool.

and it’s numbered too. Mine is 0688. I wonder who got 0666?

Also, what I didn’t know is that our ole Madison buddy Butch Vig was the producer.

I definitely recommend this album, even if you get it on cassette, which is a thing again.

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