Happy Father’s Day To The Aural Retentive – A Bouncing Baby Site Is Born

I’ve been doing this blog since 2011. I can hardly believe it. I’m closing in on 700 posts and this Father’s Day I took a big step and decided to create my domain for reals. So I upgraded my WordPress account to an actual .com site.

If you are viewing this, you should be seeing it on the new https://auralretentive.com

New Site URL

So there may be some changes to the site in the near future. Thank you to all that read my blog site, those that subscribe, and those that have stumbled here by accident and looked around. Someone from the Netherlands was here today. Hallo !

All the old links you find on Google should still get you here and Facebook links should still work. If there are any issues though, please let me know.

Thanks again for stopping in and reading.

Michael – theauralretentive

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