Happy Birthday America

This 4th of July we are actually at home. Typically we have been camping. so haven’t been around for any of the town festivities.

Waunaboom is happening in the park very near to our house.

The sky will be lit up and we can see it all from our driveway.

I do not get political here on AuralRetentive, but I do offer this from a band that impacted my high school years significantly. I searched for this video to put in this post and I was a little surprised in that it comes to mind that I have never seen them perform, either in person OR on TV. In this video Kevin struts and bends and if anyone can wear a leather shirt, I guess he can. His voice is fantastic and this song, not their radio hits, has always been my favorite. It gets an extended jam from Gary here, so enjoy.

Listen to the lyrics folks.

Oh, and again, happy birthday America.

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