Vinyl Community Rewind # 7 – Reel To Reel Operational

For this week’s Vinyl Community Rewind I show my reel to reel and give a tiny bit of history. I rescued this reel to reel from the garbage pile. I always thought reel to reels were cool and it was like it was meant to be coming across this one. It’s not very pretty, and the wiring is rigged, but it’s a treasure to me.

Also, the 2016 Badgers made the Sweet sixteen and I wear my Badger jacket.

There is also a brief discussion of doubles in my collection, and I show some of my bootleg tapes. Way back in the day, I created my own tape company label. The Aural Retentive. That’s where I got the name for the blog and YouTube channel. That was back in the early 90’s, so I have been The Aural Retentive for a long time.

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