Vinyl Community Rewind # 8 – Road Trip Vinyl Finds

For this week’s Vinyl Community Rewind I attempted a road trip to my local Half Price Books to feature me buying some vinyl. The footage was epic. However, video I shot in the store got flagged for copyright infringement and I was unable to use it, presumably because of the music they were playing overhead. This was the first time that had happened to me and I was sure my ISP was going to shut me down and the thought police were coming. 

Funny to know now that most of the albums I show are now gone. I was in the early stages of vinyl fever and was doing a lot of blind buys. It was fun, sue me. I sent the “MBoom” album to a Vinyl Community friend ultimately. Shout out to MyLungPuppy ! The Canned Heat Live At Topanga Canyon is still with me.

I also show my “Angel – Helluva Band” album. This album has personal history as well as being a tie in to Frank Zappa who had a song about the guitar player Punky Meadows called “Punky’s Whips”. The songs “The Fortune” and “Feelings” are still 2 of my favorite songs.

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