Vinyl Community Rewind # 9 – Vinyl Rewind and Vinyl Updates

For this week’s Vinyl Community Rewind I do an unboxing. On the vinyl community there are lots of opening videos. Unboxings of subscription vinyl boxes and often times friends send packages of records, called VCLT (Vinyl Community Love Train) to each other. This always amazed me, the camaraderie and generosity of the Vinyl Community members. I received a few during my time in the VC. Yes, I often watched videos of other people opening packages of records from someone else with delight. Weird concept I know, but it’s a thing.

This is an opening of something I ordered from a YouTuber I followed called called “Vinyl Rewind”. He has a cool vibe to his videos and very very slick production value. So pro that he has a merch page. I ordered a slipmat.

I show some 45’s I picked up at random strictly because they were on colored vinyl.

Also found a flexi-disc from Kenny Rogers Fan Club. I used to have some flexi-discs when I was a kid that I cut off the back of cereal boxes. 

Following that, I show some more dollar bin albums I picked up. Some good, some not. Some are still in my collection (George Thorogood, Elvis Costello, Yes) but most are not. I think I sent that Bill Laswell on to another Vinyl Community member.

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