Vinyl Community Rewind # 10 – Natty Nation Divine Spark ! + Bonus Contest Video

For this week’s Vinyl Community Rewind I do another unboxing. This time it’s of my order of a new Natty Nation album. Natty Nation is an awesome local reggae band. I ordered a signed copy of their latest and I have a look at the vinyl and packaging.

For a little extra this time, I am also including the next video that I did for a contest response for another vinyl community member Carsten. This was my first ever entry into someone’s subscriber contest. Sometimes as YouTubers get close to or meet a subscriber milestone, like 100 or 500 or 1000 subscribers they do a contest. I eventually did one for my 100 subscribers.

For Carsten’s video he wanted us to propose names for the new guitar he bought, name our 5 favorite guitar solos and tell what device we listened to music on. You get to see my sweet I-Pod, which by the way is still kicking.

I did not win, but it was fun.

P.S.  In a rare editing blunder, there is like 7 minutes of blank black screen at the end of the video. It’s NOT like a bonus track that plays eventually, there is just nothing there. Don’t fall for it. As soon as you see my credits it’s over.

You were warned.

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