Vinyl Community Rewind # 27 – Brandon Beebe Show

This week’s Vinyl Community Rewind is the story of how I made a poster for a Brandon Beebe show in my town. The now closed “Lucky’s” in Waunakee. I’ve seen Brandon a few times and when I saw that he was coming to town, I offered to make posters for the venue. It was very nerdly cool and I was stoked that he was on board with the idea. Ended up making several for him for some other local venues as well.

Hope Brandon is able to get back out there soon. He has been coming to Lone Girl in Wauankee, so looking forward to seeing him again when the world goes back to whatever the new normal is.

Also included this week is a contest entry I did for James Griffiths channel. It was to show and discuss albums with a musical connection to friends. I did shout outs to Alan, Paul, and Dalton.

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