Vinyl Community Rewind Twofer # 29/#30 – Gary Schwartz/A Couple $1 Vinyl Updates

This week’s Vinyl Community Rewind is a twofer since they are so short.

Video # 29 is a video of the Gary Schwartz single that I got from Gary for being one of the first 5 to respond to his offer on Derek Higgins channel. It’s on cool blue vinyl and a cool track.

Even though I accidentally stepped on it shortly after making this video, he sent me 2 more! One to replace and one for my art projects because I mentioned how cool the colored vinyl was. Check out his Bandcamp page. Link in the video comments. Thanks again Gary!

and then there is a video # 30 that documents a few dollar discount bin records I picked up, including Jon Anderson “Olias Of Sunhillow” which is one of my favorites. Finding it for a buck was awesome.

If you are into Yes, you might dig Olias. Check it out.

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